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A Word From The Founders.

Born and raised in Canada, our careers have brought us to manufacture products in a diverse range of categories such as plastics, electronics, textiles, wood, PCB boards and battery technologies. Over the course of almost a decade, we have been handling production for our clients in Asia.

Due to the changing manufacturing landscape in the world, and the difficulties most brands and corporations face in Asia, our clients have asked us to find a new home for their manufacturing and sourcing needs. Due to this high demand, we have relocated permanently to Central America.

Being fortunate to be at the forefront of closing major deals with some of the largest corporations in the world, as well as spending a good portion of our lives in 100’s of factories, this has provided us with a valuable skill set in negotiations, deal making and manufacturing processes with a strong focus on quality control.

We strongly believe that the quality of the factory workers lives directly reflects on the quality of the final product that comes off the assembly line.

Constantly looking for ways throughout the manufacturing and sourcing process to improve the quality of the product and to streamline operations, this allows us to keep costs at a competitive market price.

We take a hands on approach to each project. Whether it is working on the factory floor to get to know the workers and understand where we can improve, or spending time with farmers to see how we can help grow their business and understand the challenges they face, it is something that we take at heart.

We hope to have the privilege of working with you.

Shane & Anne-Marie Broesky

OuR Team

Anne-Marie Broesky

Born in Canada, relocated to Honduras, Anne-Marie has been in technical sales for the past 20 years. She has helped over 100 companies to improve on their production lines and has provided solutions to their manufacturing issues.

Shane Broesky

Born in Canada, relocated to Honduras, Shane has been at the forefront of many ventures in the past 10 years spanning across product development, manufacturing and sourcing industries across North America and Asia.